Thompson Fund for Educational Scholarships

Theta Deuteron has long had the Thompson Fund for Educational Scholarships. Donations to the Thompson Fund are eligible for federal income-tax charitable deduction to the full extent of the law. Consult your tax adviser to confirm your eligibility.

Phil Bannister

The Phil Bannister (Marfuta) “Shine on You Crazy Diamond Award”

Before Phil passed on May 30, 2011, he asked that a memorial scholarship be setup to give cash awards to a chosen undergrad every year in his memory. His preference was for the award to go to someone who displayed the characteristics he always tried to have: hard work, devotion to Theta Deuteron, and consistently contributing to the good of the house.

Phil was a classic “Mr. ΘΔΧ” in his many years associated with ΘΔΧ; he was first pledge his pledge year, held office every year, and was eventually elected president. Phil always worked extremely hard during workweeks, was a fixture at every event and every party, and even moved back to MIT to be the RA for a couple of years after he’d gotten ill and had to take a break from his studies. Phil was a man whom ΘΔΧ could always count on for so many things: energy and hard work when he was an underclassman, leadership when he was an upperclassman and president, vision, and the best kind of low-key but constant guidance when he was the RA. From running a fun house meeting to pledge hikes to rush events, Phil was someone whom you could count on and who would work until he dropped to make ΘΔΧ the best it could be

Please donate to the Thompson Fund to keep Phil’s scholarship funded. At the present, it is $1,000, awarded to the person judged to be “Mr. ΘΔΧ” during the past year.

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 Thompson Fund for educational scholarships.  

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